Monday, January 6, 2014

calculus: a drama

Today I decided to spend a few minutes checking out a google tool called Story Builder.  (Again compliments of our amazing professional development and technology folks) With absolutely no training I simply started writing a story.  When I finished I added music and here it is.  It took me 10 minutes, mostly because I had to correct my silly typos.

This is an amazingly simple, free tool that can be used in every discipline.  I can think of dozens of stories students could tell.

  • Envision and create a conversation between Grant and Lee.
  • Tell the stories of Greek mythology in modern language.
  • What would Watson say to Crick about an issue such as human cloning?
  • Explain how to solve a math problem through text messages.
  • Conjugate verbs in Spanish.
  • Rewrite the last scenes from "Hamlet" so that the story ends well. 

Check it out, or better yet, let your students check it out and show you what stories they can tell! 

What would you do with Story Builder

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