5 things I learned about math from twitter Sunday night I was on twitter waiting for #Blogchat to start, and I thought I would sift the feed looking for the math hashtag.  Twitter is a public forum (just reminding you to mind what you say there) so I was able to grab some tweets off the feed.  I was curious about what I would find people (mostly students) talking about with regard to math.  Here are five “shocking” revelations.

here's what I really think about blogchat  Blogchat is a weekly conversation about blogging held at 8pm Central on Twitter and hosted by Mack Collier.  Each week the group discusses different blog-related topics and last night they reviewed four very different blogs in an hour, offering the authors positive comments and suggestions for improvement. 

2048 2048 is a simple game where players slide pairs of matching numbered tiles together to create new higher numbered tiles and continue this process until they create a tile with the value 2,048. 

vocaroo So my colleague Jen Baselice is up to her old tricks, trying new technology tools with her students.  This week she shared a document that her students created.  Each student created a slide and recorded an explanation of the work using a simple to use but awesome tool called Vocaroo.  This slide caught my eye. 

on teaching, technology, and baseball Our school is in the process of implementing a one-to-one computer program for our students.  We started with just the 8th grade, but the second year we added 9-12 and now the 7th grade teachers are pushing to be added to the mix. 

pow! This week in professional development one of our technology gurus, Jen Baselice, led a lunch and learn session on using Powtoons.  This program allows you to create videos pretty quickly and effectively. 

building walls This week in all of our classes we are reviewing for exams.  I decided to try a free online tool called Padlet that would allow students to collaboratively build review sheets (like posting stuff on a bulletin board or wall) that could contain text, images, links and videos. 

the world needs more hugs A student at our school thought the world needed more hugs, so he developed a website that allows you to send people hugs.  In the spirit of the holidays, this seems like a pretty good idea.  I hope y'all send his google

cow...Cow...COW A colleague posted this silly website on her Facebook page, and I showed it to some students.  I have been hearing it all week...  make sure your volume is on.  

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