Tuesday, October 22, 2013

fold, spindle, and mutilate

This weekend I went to an Florida Council of Teachers of Mathematics (FCTM) math conference and heard one of my all-time favorite presentations.  I've been to literally dozens of conferences in my career, so calling this a favorite really means it was great.  The session was led by Jean Adams, a "born again" teacher who joined the profession in her forties.  She is dynamic, energetic, and still in love with the job. 
Jean had a lot of ideas, but we spent most of the time  building foldables, something I've never much been interested in.  They feel kind of artsy, something that I do not do well.  They require a little bit of 3-D visualization, at least at first.  This is definitely my weakness.  I looked around the room and everyone seemed to be getting it but me.  I felt like I arrived late to a party. And not in a fashionable kind of way. 
The good news is that I do know students need to learn in a wide variety of ways and foldables are a great means of engaging the kinethetic learner.  Like any good teacher, I realize that even though I don't learn this way, I know a good thing when I see it.  Foldables are definitely a good thing.
Jean had us build this review foldable for AP Calculus.  It's a jam-packed full of calculus goodies.  I can't wait to share it with my students this spring! 
You can get the foldable for free here.  You need to sign up for teachers-pay-teachers.
You can check out Jean's website for more great ideas here.

What do you think of foldables? 

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