Monday, October 14, 2013

your comments are appreciated

This past week was the end of the quarter and at midsemester we take the time to not only give students grades but also write comments on their progress this far.  Student grades are posted every two weeks, so there are really no surprises, but this practice continues on.  It is definitely a time-consuming process.  I often wonder if the parents read what we write.

Here is a sample:

John is off to an uneven start in Geometry. He completes assignments consistently and seems to have a reasonable understanding of the ideas we discuss, but he is not always able to translate that into performance on tests and quizzes. I have asked John to see me to discuss his mistakes, but I have not seen him lately in study period. It is likely that a little time reviewing with me before the next test would go a long way toward ensuring that he has the details mastered. John is quiet in class and only speaks when called upon. I would love for him to take a little initiative and start putting his work on the board and volunteering to answer questions. The more he engages in the class on a daily basis, the more he learns. John has plenty of potential, and I look forward to his efforts in the coming weeks.


  1. This is fantastic feedback that I would love to receive as a parent! Any child is lucky to come through your classroom.

  2. My comments always read: "Talks too much. Needs a challenge."

    On behalf of your students, thank you for taking the time to care about them. :) Thanks for actually noticing more than grades or performance on paper. It's encouraging.

  3. Thank you both for your kind words!