Thursday, October 31, 2013

superpig to the rescue

I finally sat down at my desk at 5:00pm and had time to think for the first time.  I sat just breathing for a moment and let the meetings and the papers and the classes and the sheer craziness of the day wash over me.  I looked across my desk to one of my favorite things.  This silly purple pig was a prize won by my students last year for selling magazines as a fundraiser for our school.  They earned Superpig because I asked them to do it.  I had never won a pig before and these students tried extra hard just so I could have him.  Groups that won the pig were entered in a pig race.  Superpig got last place last.  
I love this pig.
Whenever I am feeling a little down, I turn on Superpig and his snorting shuffle always makes me laugh.  He reminds me that I work in a wonderful place with amazing students and dedicated colleagues, and no amount of crazy will ever change this. 
I really needed Superpig to cheer me up.  Batteries practically dead, he gave me what he had and I am grateful.
Tomorrow I will begin again. 


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