Tuesday, October 15, 2013

it's all talk

Conversations I had yesterday at school

  • How cancer has impacted our lives and school.
  • Why our geometry teacher is so awesome. 
  • Why the senior class and their parents are so stressed out.
  • How we might use homework more effectively. 
  • Why you should use your brain AND your calculator to answer questions.
  • What to expect on the PSAT.
  • Why our government is having problems.
  • How to be more successful on the next test.
  • Why we should start a new TEDTalks type club on campus
  • When we can have the next meeting of Mu Alpha Theta.
  • Where is the best place for sushi.
  • Who is responsible for helping the middle school math teachers.
  • Why am I still at work.
  • What is for dinner.
What did you talk about? 

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