Wednesday, October 30, 2013

now I've heard everything

Homecoming week:                     Day 2 - Benjamin Button Day

I never saw the movie or read the book, The Curious Case of  Benjamin Button, but my understanding is that he is both old and young in the story.  Our students were instructed to dress as a child or a senior citizen.  Those dressed as toddlers wore footie pajamas and carried stuffed toys.  Those dressed as seniors wore bathrobes and slippers, plaid suits with high water pants, or house dresses.  A few had canes, spectacles, and powdered hair, walkers, or wheelchairs. 

The net result was that students mostly came to school in their pajamas.

I was going to write a treatise on our cultural stereotype of senior citizens, but then a student stopped me in my tracks with the following question.  

"May I go to the restroom?  I think I have my diaper on backwards." 

You can see how this week gets out of control by Friday...

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