Friday, November 1, 2013

nana, nana, nana, nana

Day 4 of Spirit Week was Super Hero Day.  Always a favorite, lots and lots of students joined in the fun by simply wearing a t-shirt, but some students went all out in full costume.  Choices ranged from Flash to mild mannered Clark Kent, full out Superman in tights and a cape to Bubble Girls, the Fearsome Foursome, and of course a host of characters I never knew about. 

The most common character was Batman, as the popularity of the movies has spawned a dozen different t-shirts from old school purple to true dark knight.  A couple hundred wore just the shirt, myself included, but a few donned masks and utility belts.  Our school became the poster child for Hollywood marketing.  I concluded that Batman's super power must actually be cloning himself, thus creating the hundreds of Batmans walking our campus today.

But then my colleague Jeff Wilson reminded me of the facebook meme that has been so popular and explains the many Batmans.

We took this advice.
We were all Batman.

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