Monday, November 18, 2013

what are you afraid of?

A few weeks ago I asked my students two questions. 

What are you proud of? 

What are you working on?

Here are their responses, side by side.

What are you proud of?
What are you working on?
Math test grade
Being a better blocker
Being outgoing
Being more focused and studious
Able to connect with people
Fantasy football team
Not stressing about college
Snow skiing
Math skills
Positive outlook
Work ethic
Crew skills
Getting more work done
Getting even more work done
Improved focus
Musical ability
Books read
Sight reading
Not stressing out
Study habits
Bought own car
Ice hockey
Commitment to one thing

Grammar aside, I can tell you which question my students found most difficult.  All of them had something they were working on, but they weren't allowed to tell me until they first listed something they were proud of. 

It was almost painful to watch.  They were embarrassed.  Some of them gave me nothing important, unwilling to open themselves up to anything worthy of scrutiny.  Others were ready to share, confident in the safety of the environment, sure of themselves.

This blog is read by students, friends, alums, teachers, strangers.  It's your turn. 

What are you proud of?  What are you working on? 

Come on, tell me.  What are you afraid of? 

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