Thursday, November 7, 2013

fashion statement

A few times a year we have a "dress up day."  We ask our gentlemen to wear pants, dress shoes, dress shirts, and ties.  Our ladies are asked to dress modestly and nicely in skirts, dresses, or dress pants.  The students look wonderful.  Wednesday was one of those days.

On Tuesday I had the following conversation with two seniors:

Senior 1:  I hate dress up day.

Me:  But why? 

Senior 2:  It's so much effort.

Me:  But both of you are wearing lovely dresses right now.  You need do nothing more than you are already doing.

Senior 1:  Yeah, but it's dress up day, so I feel like I need to do more, to look REALLY nice.

Me:  But you both already look wonderful. 

Senior 2:  Tomorrow we'll look AMAZING.

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