Wednesday, April 30, 2014

5 things I learned about math from twitter

Sunday night I was on twitter waiting for #Blogchat to start, and I thought I would sift the feed looking for the math hashtag.  Twitter is a public forum (just reminding you to mind what you say there) so I was able to grab some tweets off the feed.  I was curious about what I would find people (mostly students) talking about with regard to math.  Here are five “shocking” revelations.

Some people don’t like math very much.
Math can be poetry…  depressing poetry, but still poetic… 

Math is for sale, but I don’t think there’s a living in it.   

Doing math problems is better than some other things.
And finally, math is pretty funny...


  1. These tweets reflect that learning math was such a horrible experience for some. I think that those math problems be alluded to real life situations. Just like what they did in 'A Walk to Remember,' the scene where Shane taught the little boy Algebra shaped through basketball. - Layce of

    1. I don't know that reference but I am going to look it up.