Wednesday, April 9, 2014

senior skip day

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Once upon a time, more that twenty years ago, when my school was much smaller, seniors used to band together and skip a day of school.  I don't know who had this brilliant idea, but on a random day, a day they chose, the entire senior class simply didn't show up.  I can almost hear the wheels turning.  "What are they going to do if everyone skips?"

I had the same conversation with my peers at a swim practice in high school.  We were swimming a  set of 100 yard repeats and a tired someone wondered, "What can Coach do if we ALL swim slow?"  And so we all swam slow.  Coach decided we should do a VERY long set of mile repeats instead.  In our rebellion, we traded discomfort for genuine pain.   We never tried to rebel again. 

My school took a different route.  We simply gave the seniors a Senior Skip Day.  Rather than allow the chaos of student led rebellion, someone must have negotiated a deal where the Monday after prom became Senior Skip Day.  It's now a planned day on our calendar, one senior privilege among several others.  A lot of schools have handled it this way. 

Once in a while I hear a senior say that they should skip another day (never a different day, just an additional day.)  I always give them a stern look and the idea dies a quick death. 

It reminds me how fortunate I am to work at a place where the kids are pretty darn good.

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