Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I work at a school that is in many ways as idyllic as Disney World.  The weather is lovely and students are able to spend most of their free time outdoors if they choose.  They unceremoniously leave their backpacks, gym bags, and lunches all over campus without concern.  Theft is rare.   Students often say "Someone stole my backpack," when what they really mean is, " I set my backpack down and forgot where I left it." Those of you with a child living at home know that you don't need a 100 acre campus to make this happen.  A child can lose almost anything in a 12 x12 bedroom.

We share this Eden with much wildlife, as many lakes and ponds dot our property.  Wood storks and egrets share the lakes with fish, turtles, and frogs.  Crows battle migrating robins for the grass seed we put down on our lawns, wood peckers pound out a beat while snakes slither into the bushes.  But the kings of our kingdom are definitely the squirrels.  These fat pranksters are bold and unabashed in their pursuit of lunch.  Student lunch bags are gnawed through and Ziplocks and Tupperware are no match for the determined rodent.  Whole sandwiches are dragged across the quad, tins of Pringles devoured.  Our students immortalized our lovely campus with a beautiful mosaic.  Featured on the right side is a gray squirrel digging into a red lunch bag.

Life is good here, for students and squirrels. 

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