Tuesday, September 24, 2013

teacher work day

Did you ever wonder what teachers do while your children are at home sleeping in and making a mess. Monday was a teacher work day for us. How was your day?

What time is it?
What I wish I was doing
What I’m actually doing…
What my son might have been doing…
Hit the snooze button…
Arrive, fire up the computer, and start dealing with the weekend emails. Shoot, there's one from our tech director with a 6 minute instructional video attached that I need to watch. I'm already behind.
Hit snooze again…
A colleague stops by the report on a student's progress.
Roll over…
Wake up grateful that I got to "sleep in"
Another colleague stops by to ask about the video I just watched. (whew, just in time!)
Coffee, croissants, the newspaper…
Full faculty meeting with announcements from principals, admissions and technology directors.
Work with math department on a draft of our new technology plan.
More sleeping…
Vitamin D Therapy
Meeting ran over, but there's just enough time to post something on the blog and write a test for College Algebra.
Wake up and stumble into the kitchen to find food…
Long lunch with a friend…
Lunch and trivia. It's the first time we've ever played. It was fun! Our team, The Delusionists, earned 3rd place. (What two states form the the southern border of Oregon? What is the most popular Ben and Jerry's flavor?)
Watch a movie on Netflix...
Read a book
Run home and pick up my son for football practice
Eat again, gather stuff and go to practice…
Short nap
Finish answering the weekend's emails
Watch film at practice
Sift the feed on Facebook and Twitter
Sift the feed on Facebook and Twitter
Get dressed for practice…
Catch up on the Daily Show and Colbert
Write an AP Calculus test
Practice in the gym… it’s raining…
Happy hour…
Off to the Gym
Shower and head home for dinner

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