Friday, September 27, 2013

welcome to the wild, wild west

I see the same ten students every morning for three years through our advisory program.  The job is to be a mentor, a teacher, a surrogate parent while they are on campus.  We talk about everything... school, sports, college, dating, the internet, goals, home life.  On Thursdays I see them for 30 minutes.  We eat breakfast and have a good talk.  This week this short video from Common Sense Media on digital literacy started our conversation.  Click "Brittney's Story to watch."

Brittney's Story

I asked my students if their parents were their friends on Facebook.  About half said yes, but even more said their parents don't really know how to use Facebook.  I asked them if they think they should say something when a friend posts something stupid.  That led to the quote of the day.

"If I had to spend my day pointing out every time a friend did or said something stupid, I'd be exhausted."

The internet is the wild, wild west. What do your kids post on the internet? 

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