Monday, March 10, 2014

of fishes and wishes...

When I was a kid, my mom used to say, "If wishes were fishes, we would all live in the sea," every time I expressed my longing for a ridiculous toy, dessert, or opportunity.  I think this is a pretty common practice, as it is important for children to hear the word "no" sometimes. 

A few years a ago representative from the Orlando Magic came to our school and offered students a pair of free tickets to a game if they would share their dreams for the future.  Some of our students could not even tell us their dreams.  As a result, in my leadership class I assign students the task of looking to the future and vocalizing their dreams.  I think this is an important activity.  By vocalizing our dreams, we can begin the conversation of why and how that can actually lead to dream fulfillment and success. 

Dreams don't just happen, they are built through hard work and sacrifice, hearing the word "no" and trying again, believing in the dream's value and the inherent value in the self.  Dreams are incredibly important and so I am asking you to share your ideas, to build a dream with me...

If you had one wish for education, one dream for your child, for your school, for teachers, for education, what would it be?

Will you share your dream in the comments?  If you could have one wish, one swim in the sea, what would it be? 

P.S.  My childhood dream was to be secretary of education.
My current wish is to get politicians out of education.

Your turn! 


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