Monday, March 10, 2014

second opinion, please

I'm trying to decide if I'm a Madame Benevolent Dictator looking out for my students' health and well-being or a permanent Princess Crankypants.  As you know, I can be cranky at times, but I'd like to think I'm basically good.  Here's your chance to give me a grade. 

There's this group of 9th graders that plant themselves in the hallway of my building during lunch.  They talk about teenager stuff and they're not bad kids, but they are loud.  Monday I threw them out the door on the grounds that it was a beautiful day and they were loud enough for me to hear them 3 doors down.  I have no doubt I know what they think of me, but I'd like a second opinion. 

Benevolent Dictator or Princess Crankypants...  What do you think? 

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